“Using 90th Street’s Advice” Prompt


WritingFix has a fun lesson–called “Using 90th Street’s Advice” –that was inspired by the picture book Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street by Roni Schotter. 

Several student writers have written and published their work for this prompt, and you can read their finished writing by clicking here

If you have written to this prompt, you may post your writing below for others to read and/or comment on.  Just type your writing into the box that reads “Leave a Reply” and fill out the other required fields.

Thanks for writing!  Keep up the good work!

One thought on ““Using 90th Street’s Advice” Prompt

  1. Mack, the 6’5″ 255 pound linebacker/security guard, charged down the creaky wooden pier to the 100 foot long warehouse that was filled with packing crates and old, soggy, smelly boxes. He smashed the door to pieces, and shot the doorknob to smithereens with his brand new, custom made, shiny, black AK-47 assault rifle. As Mack stumbled over a packing crate, his feet flew out from underneath him. He landed onhis back on the slippery, slimy concrete floor. Mack stared up at the ceiling in horror! A black clothed burglar was suspended from a rusty iron beam. Mack fired warning shots into the air that sonded lika a jackhammer drilling through concrete, and shouted, “Get down here or I’ll shoot!” The burglar slithered down from the burnt umber colored beam, and tackled Mack. Mack leapt to his feet, whirled around, and cracked the burglar on the head with the butt of the AK-47. The burglar fell unconscious as the lights sputtered. What if the warehouse had a power outage?

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