Tell the Story Behind this Photograph…2009 H.S. Winner

Each Spring, the Northern Nevada Writing Project sponsors a digital photo contest for students and teachers.  Winning photos are chosen, based on their quality and whether they would inspire a writer to tell the photograph’s story.  Above you will see 2009’s High School winning photograph (from student Caitlyn Smith), which you can click on to make even bigger:

If you would like to write the story of this photograph for others to enjoy, type your story, revise and edit it, then paste it into the “Leave a Reply” box below.

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11 thoughts on “Tell the Story Behind this Photograph…2009 H.S. Winner

  1. “Mom, please! I can’t believe that you don’t even trust me enough to take a cake across town.” Marissa Townson said to her mother who flitted around the kitchen, readying it for her husband’s (Marissa’s father’s) return from Iraq later that afternoon.

    “Honey,” her mother soothed, “It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just I want everything to be perfect when your father gets here.” She handed Marissa the keys to their station wagon. “Do you remember what I said to do?”

    “Yes, mom. I know I’m supposed to feed the cake to the dog as soon as I get it home.” Marissa replied with a blank face.

    “Marissa, don’t get smart with me.”

    “Sorry, mom. I know what to do. Pick up the cake at the bakery then immediately bring it home. All before 3:00 that gives me an hour and a half.”

    “Marissa, I just wanted to say I really appreciate your help.” Her mother smiled.

    “It’s no problem but I better get going.” Marissa said giving her mom a quick hug, “Be back soon.”

    Marissa drove the 30 minutes to the bakery, taking mainly back roads where kids on bikes rode around, lauging. She walked into the bakery and retrieved the already paid for cake, thanking the baker. Marissa opened the lid and looked at the white cake. It’s icing was a pinkish red with “Welcome home.” written on it in big blue letters.

    Marissa put the cake, carefully in her back seat before starting home again. She was 2 blocks from home without any problems when she noticed the car riding funny. She pulled over and saw the back, right tire had gone flat. She checked her watch 2:45p.m. There ws no time to replace the tire and she had left her cellphone in her room. There wa only one thing she could do.

    Marissa lifted the cake out of the backseat and started home. She could hardly see over the big box and the cake was starting to get heavy.

    All of a sudden out of nowhere, a group of boys on bikes came speeding around the corner in front of Marissa. One of the 5 boys ran right into Marissa, knocking the special cake out of her hands.

    The boy quickly apoligized but got back on his bike and rode off in a hurry. Marissa looked at the cake now splattered on a back road, a block from her house.

    A tear slipped down her cheek as she stared after the boys. She knew her mom would be so dissapointed in her.

  2. Hi! My name is Caitlyn i had the most terrible birthday you could ever think of. Of i am in love and i have been for over two years now and i really love him. I was hoping that he would ask me the “BIG” question. So he came over today so he could tell me HAPPY BIRTHDAY he baked me a cake. oh my gosh i was thinking he had put the ring in the cake you know how you always see in the movies. BUT NO!!!!!!!he came over and told me happy birthday and to tell me it was over..The bad thing is he had his new girlfriend with him and he told me that he loved her and they “WERE” getting married!!!i automatically turned depressed and pulled a gun out and i thought about it…. Should i really do this is he that special to where i should kill myself i came to the conclusion. NO he is not life is a chain reaction things change and so will my life.

  3. 1. “Come on, please let me have some cake!”
    “Please,” I said.
    “No, because you are going to eat it all.” my sister said.
    “No, I want just one bit.” I said.
    She sighed and gave in. “Ah, okay, one bite.”
    “Go ahead.”
    “I will eat it all!” I screamed. We began grabbing for the cake.
    “No! What did you do?” she said. It was on the floor.
    “You want it back?”

    2.”Why, why me God?” said Liza.
    Her mom and dad had died in a car crash yesterday. Guess what? It was her birthday! She had been planning it all year. Her parents were about to arrive home. Just then the car screached, a loud crash.
    She was surprised to find out that a car similar to her parents had crashed. The ambulance sirens were in the background. With cake in hand, she realized that car was her parents. Nooooo, she came out of the house, and slammed the cake down and ran, fell to her knees in sadness.

  4. Mikala yells, “No one is going to be at your party.”
    Yazmin, “What? I already bought my cake. All the rest of my friends are coming, I don’t need you.”
    Mikala looks at her with a death stare, and she says, “I don’t care, I can make my own party.”
    Yazmin sadly looks away, and she says, “I don’t care about you.”
    As she walks away, she turns around and throws the cake at Mikala, she misses and begins to fall to her knees and cries.

  5. I had been looking foward to my birthday for weeks. I was turning 16 and I couldn’t wait to go for my Ls. I was hoping for a new hair straightner, heaps of clothes and lots of make up.
    My birthday party was to be held at the local hall. I had invited all my friends and I couldn’t wait. My Dad had been away for a few months now, working in the big city, 4 hours from our house. He was comming home for my birthday. I was so pumped as I hadn’t seen my Dad for almost 6 months and apart from my birthday, seeing my Dad again for the first time in 6 months was all I could think about.
    On the morning of my birthday, I woke up early and raced in to my Mums room. ‘Happy Birthday Sally!’ my Mum said with a yawn.
    Mum gave me her presents to open. It was a hair straightner!!
    As soon as I walked in to school, my best friend, Lucy, ran up to me and yelled out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” and gave me a massive hug.
    It was turning out to be the best day ever. Even Ethan, the guy who I had a massive crush on gave me a happy birthday hug!!
    As soon as the first class started, I was called to the principals office. When I walked in, the principal barked at me” Sit down and don’t you even think about moving until I am doine with you!” Completly stunned, I took a seat oppisite him in a daze.
    “How dare you think that you could help one of you fellow classmates to cheat and not get in troubel? What you’ve done is an embarresment to this school and you are facing being expeled from here”.
    “What do you mean?” I asked suprise as I had never done anything like this and hurt because I was upset that someone would accuse me of such a thing. I always followed the rules and would never dream of doing anything like that.
    “I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about” I cried as I burst in to tears.
    “Just get out!” he yelled. “Talk to me when you make more sense and I will be informing your parents about this”.
    I walked out sobbing. Talk about the best day ever going from awesome to rubbish in about 15 minutes.
    When I came home, the first thing my Mum said to me was “Why in the world would you do something like that? Don’t even think you’re going to have this cake I spent all day baking” It was the angriest tone I’d ever heard Mum use.
    “But Mum, I didn’t do it, I swear!” I cried out.
    “I never thought you would do something like this Sally, you’ve really disapointed me”
    With that, Mum threw the cake at me and walked off.
    I spen the next hour crying at what an awful day my birthday had turned in to.

  6. “It’s our 1 year anniversary!” Thought 15 year old, Missy. She was so happy. She even made him a homemade cake for this significant occasion to her. Suddenly, she got a text message.

    It was him. She opened the message, and it said, “Meet me at the park.” Her heart began to pound feircly. “We are going to have a great time!” she said quietly to herself. The park was his favorite place to go.

    She gingerly grabbed her cake and headed out the door, careful not to drop it, and started down the street. She arrived at the park from the paved alley way. She saw him sitting on the orange park bench they always had intricate conversations on.

    He saw her and started walking toward her. Once again, her heart raced. Then, she saw the expression on his face. It was a worried look. She still acted perky and said “Happy Anniversary!”

    He looked at her and said “It’s over.” Her heart sank, and she dropped the cake to the ground. As she started sobbing, he walked away, leaving her on her knees, with her smashed cake and heart.

  7. Sorry Sisila” I hollered and hollered out
    loud.” Well Mary sorry doesn’t cut it” she
    growled. You may wonder why this is happening.
    Well yesterday was my best friend’s birthday,
    Sisala Morning, I brought her the biggest cake in the
    bakery. When my boyfriend Ryan saw the cake and
    thought it was for anther boy, so he decided to sabotage me and the cake.
    He called me over when I had the cake; I put it down to foil his evil plans. But Sisla was walking
    By and Ryan tripped her and she thought it was my
    she fault that it happened.Sisils just wouldn’t listen
    to me. Poor chick was covered in cake. This
    is why I don’t do anything for anyone, because
    I always lose something or someone.

    So now I Mary Lexhimer is now a
    Single and I don’t have a best friend!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sometimes I do things right…
    Sometimes I make mistakes
    Sometimes when I do something right like make a cake
    Then something wrong like drop it
    I feel rotten, really really rotten
    For awhile

  9. ”Mom, why can’t I take the cake over?” asked seventeen year old Amy .
    ”Because you might drop it on the way over”answered my mom. It was
    Saturday and my mom and I were about to go over to my Aunt’s house
    because it was her birthday today. My Aunt’s house is five blocks away
    from mine.”I’m seventeen,Mom”I said.”Okay, Amy”said my mom”You
    win.” ”Should I get going,Mom?”I asked.”Sure”mom answered”I just
    have to do something,so I’ll catch up to you”. ”Sure”I said. Two blocks
    till I reached my Aunts I triped and fell. ”PLOP!”The cake fell out of my
    hands. Oh,no I though!

  10. She just couldn’t look at it anymore.
    Not once could she raise her head to look at where it lay, pitilessly abandoned.

    Tara had been sitting there for almost an hour now. Neighbours, friends and even passer-bys had come and gone; some had whispered something incomprehensible, others had just peered nervously at her- fearing an emotional outburst lest they said something wrong.
    But she continued to sit there – hardly noticing all those who cared for her. Her heart, it seemed was with the only one who didn’t care.

    She had sauntered into Tara’s life with the easy grace of those who are admired everywhere they go. Tara, needless to say was fascinated by the charm and easy splendour that she exuded. She looked perfect no matter what she wore and yet, it looked as if she really hadn’t tried hard for it to be so. Tara and she had struck up a friendship instantly, Tara needed someone to hang onto and she- well, someone had to need her and that was all. People were attracted to her like moth to a flame; boys, girls and teachers alike. Tara couldn’t be happier. She had found an anchor and a friend. Each night, she poured out her heart and soul and was listened to patiently; soothing words, gasps and peals of laughter- always at their cue.

    Slowly and unthinkingly, Tara was losing. A single moment without her felt like the air was closing in. Tara, although brilliant at math, refused to take it up in high school “because she isn’t taking it!”
    A terrible change came over the girl. Tara spoke only to the ones she liked, ate only what she did and refused to do anything she didn’t. When she had a boyfriend, Tara got one and when she dumped him, Tara didn’t see the point of hers anymore. Although it was obvious, Tara refused to believe she had made the wrong choices. The loud, ostentatious world of her friend alarmed her middle class sensibilities and she really did love that boy; yet, she suffered in silence.

    Then one day, it was a year that they had met. Tara, mindful of her woes and yet grateful to her friend for having “changed her life” decided to celebrate it in the way she knew ‘she’ would love. Hadn’t she always shown an unusual interest in her baking? Well, that was it, Tara was going to bake her the most amazing cake ever. She set at the task cheerfully, working all day. At three in the afternoon, as was customary, they met.

    “Tara—“she started
    “I know, I know!” cried a visibly excited Tara, “It’s a year since we met!”
    For the first time ever, Tara saw uncertainty flicker across her friend’s face.
    “Oh. Really? Erm..see, the thing is, we have to talk. I’m not so sure whether this is the right time or not, but we do. It’s actually perfect in a twisted sort of way, but…” she trailed off.
    “What is it?” asked Tara. Maybe this was a joke…maybe not.
    “I’m sick of you. You and your parasitic personality scare me now. People are starting to wonder… I mean, you need to have a life! When I was new here, I needed you, but now…I have friends of my own. I don’t need you anymore. So just please, leave me alone.”With that, she turned and left.

    The dish slipped from Tara’s hand and clattered to the floor, scattering the beautiful cake across the road. Tara fell to her knees and watched her retreating figure hopelessly. What could she do?

    She sat there for hours, contemplating, too overcome by grief to even cry. With her gone, she was nothing. Their friendship had meant the world to her. To Tara, she was the source of life. She kept her going. If there was no her, there would be no Tara…

    There was just one way.

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